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Snap election - September 20, 2021

Our candidate and his team are working tirelessly to set up the groundwork for running the campaign, and your assistance would be much appreciated! Areas we'll need support include, but aren't limited to:

  • Immediate need for video and graphics production
  • Social media
  • Videography/photography
  • Content Writing
  • Assisting with community events
    • Meet & greet fellow, like-minded Miltonians
    • Community BBQ
  • Creating digital and paper-based promotional materials
  • Door-to-door canvasing
Shibli Haddad. PPC Candidate for Milton
Shibli Haddad | PPC Candidate for Milton

When Shibli is not looking at computer code and delegating tasks, he is normally found somewhere in the Canadian wilderness.

An avid hunter, hiker, camper, explorer, canoeist/kayaker, and a lover of all things Canadian. Especially maple syrup, he puts that stuff on everything.

Software developer by trade, entrepreneur, DIYer in the evenings, and a general fix-it-all type of man. He is now answering the call to help fix the current state of affairs in the place he calls home.

Why I am running

I would love a chance to give back and contribute to the country I love, that I call home. I feel like now more than ever, we need people to step up and get outside their comfort zone to make an impact in our community and country.

Milton is where I live. The more I speak with my neighbours and people in town, the more I realize that most of us share similar political ideas and views on Canada, the government, and the status-quo; except that we've been falsely promised that either the red team or the blue team would deliver on those promises. In reality, it seems like these days niether one of those teams actually cares about Canadians.

The big shock comes after I mention that the issues real Canadians are concerned about, are only addressed by the People's Party of Canada.

When I saw the call to nominees, I felt that it was now my mission to at least get my name in the hat and try to do something about the current state of affairs, by being prepared to ask tough questions and expect real answers, the way Canadians in Milton expect from politicians. I realized sitting on a couch expecting things to solve themselves, like our current PM expects of budgets, isn't the right direction to follow.

Censorship and restriction of speech, legal-guns bans, attacks on law abiding citizens by government, restrictions on movement, restriction of expressing any opinion not regulated by big gov, are all the more reasons we need to elect smart leaders to steer the ship.

Maxime Bernier is by far the only leader who will ask the tough questions and hold politicians accountable in the House of Commons.

Final remarks

I am proud and honoured to be running for Milton as a Candidate for the People's Party of Canada, and I have faith that in the upcoming elections Milton will make the right choice and vote team PPC.

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